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Recent Rash of Motor Vehicle break in’s

Members of the Tyngsborough community need be cognizant of several issues currently being handled by the TPD.  We have recently experienced both an increase in attempts and completions of Motor Vehicle BREAK IN’S.  Some suggestions for future prevention are forthcoming.

—   Please lock all vehicles in your driveway and/or garage overnight.

—   If possible, leave an overhead outside light on, carport light, or perhaps a driveway light.

—   Lock all valuables left behind in your vehicle either in the trunk, out of plain view, or even store in your house.

—   Call 911 anytime of day for suspicious activity in/or around your residence or neighborhood, to include suspicious vehicles.

—   Car alarms set off during the late night hours should be addressed by the owners immediately.  Often times victims report that they heard an alarm going off but either didn’t think it was their’s, or didn’t feel the need to investigate immediately.

Suspects appear to be going through unlocked and unsecured vehicles in driveways that are easily accessible.  At this time there are no reports of PERPS smashing windows to complete their crimes.

Items of temptation include but are not limited to:  GPS systems, radios and radio faceplates, any loose monies/change, laptops, ipods, cellphones, wallets and purses.



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Press Release: Drowning in Merrimack River, victim identified as Lowell PD Officer

At 8:43 pm on Saturday, July 23rd the Tyngsborough Police Department received a 911 call reporting that a person had jumped into the Merrimack River off a boat and had failed to return to the surface.  A subsequent search involving Fire Departments from Tyngsborough, Nashua, Hudson and Lowell as well as dive teams from the Massachusetts State Police, Lowell, Nashua & Hudson, NH were involved in the search.

A Massachusetts State Police helicopter also assisted.  Trinity EMS and paramedics were also on scene.   At 11:43 the male victim, Charles S. Panek, 30 years old of Dracut was found in approximately 14 feet of water approximately 300 feet off shore, North of the boat ramp located at 76 Frost Road.

Mr. Panek was pronounced dead at the scene.    Mr. Panek has been a Lowell Police Officer since 2006, was assigned to the patrol division in the West sector of the city on the 5pm – 1am shift.  Officer Panek was a decorated member of the department having received the departments Medal of Valor.  Officer Panek was also an honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Marine Corp.

He was currently a member of an airborne unit of the Rhode Island Army National Guard and was soon to be deployed to Afghanistan per operation Enduring Freedom.  Officer Panek had previously been deployed to Iraq with the Army National Guard.

The thoughts and prayers of all members of the Lowell and Tyngsborough Police Department go out to Officer Panek’s family and friends.

An initial investigation revealed that Officer Panek had been boating with his brother and friend.  At some point Officer Panek told them that he was going to jump off and told them to come back and get him.  Panek then jumped into the water, however he never resurfaced.

Witnesses who were watching this boat from the shore line confirmed the account of the boat occupants; they reported observing a person jump from the boat into the water and fail to resurface.

Officer Panek’s body has been transported to the State Medical Examiners office.

The Tyngsborough Police Department , Massachusetts State Police and the Environmental Police are investigating.

Released by: Lt. Richard Howe