Department News

Phone Scam / threats

The Tyngsborough Police Department is investigating an incident where a
complainant received a call from an unknown person claiming to have kidnapped her
daughter. The caller stated that he had the victim “in the projects” and stated that
the daughter was in danger and that the victims parents needed to go to the bank
and send them money if they wanted to save her. At one point the caller stated that
they were to stay on the phone and that if they attempted to contact their daughter
by calling her she would be killed. While the father of the alleged victim was still on
the phone with the caller his wife advised him that she just spoke to their daughter
and she was fine. At this time they realized that this was a phone scam.

It appears that this is one example of a widespread phone scam. An
investigation is continuing. Please contact the Police Department if you suspect a
scam and be aware that phone scams are occurring frequently.

Released by; Deputy Chief Richard Howe