Department News

2013 Statistics / activity

2013 Activity

Logged calls by dispatch       –      22,075

Arrests / Criminal charges  –              239

Incident reports generated –           1,054

Citations issued                        –           1,428

Motor vehicle Accidents       –             300

($1,000 in damage or injury, other accidents of a minor nature do not generate an accident report)


Criminal Activity Investigated

Aggravated Assault –                        8                   Liquor law violations –        4

Robbery                       –                        1                   Trespass of property –          5

Simple Assault         –                         27                   All other non-traffic    – 104

Harrassment / Intimidation –      21                   Traffic / criminal         –      30

Arson                          –                            1

Burglary / Breaking and entering – 27

Larceny’s  –                                             92

Shoplifing –                                                1

Theft from building –                          10

Motor vehicle theft –                            7

Counterfeiting / forgery –                   7

False Pretenses / swindling             15

Credit card theft –                                  6

Impersonation –                                    2

Stolen Property offenses –                  3

Destruction / damage / vandalism –  91

Drug / narcotics violations –                9

Sexual Assault –                                         4

Pornography / obscene material –    2

Weapon law violations –                        2

Bad checks –                                               2

Disorderly conduct –                              1

Summons issued

Meghan Langathianos, 19 yrs.  old of Lowell – Charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license

Motor vehicle accidents


two vehicle accident on Exit 34 off ramp, no injuries

two vehicle accident on Westford Rd, no injuries

Criminal Charges; Summons Issued

Crystal Bellemare, 32 yrs. old of Nashua – charged with Shoplifiting by concealing merchandise

Kimberly Anderson, 26 yrs. old of Billerica – charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license

Arrest for outstanding warrants

Timothy OHearn, 34 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – arrested for (2) outstanding arrest warrants out of Lowell District Court which were issued relating to previous charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in Tyngsborough and operating a motor vehicle after suspension in Dracut.



Motor vehicle accidents


three vehicle accident on Norris Road, no injuries, 2 vehicles towed from scene



one vehicle accident on Sherburne Ave, one patient transported to Lowell General with non-life threatening injuries, vehicle towed from scene

Criminal Summons Issued

Robert Lally, 23 yrs. old of Chelmsford – Leaving the Scene of Property Damage

Cheryl Nelson, 45 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – Violation of an Abuse Prevention Order

Chris Catenacci, 46 yrs. old of Dracut  –  Operating a motor vehicle with license revoked

Deanna Harvey, 37 yrs. old of Nashua – Operating an uninsured motor vehicle

Telephone police Fire / Power outage imminent @ Westech Park

A telephone pole at the bottom of Westech Drive is on fire, Tyngsborough Police & Fire Department are on scene as is National Grid.  The power is being cut off momentarily, this outage should effect Westech park only.  Tyngsborough Police officers are notifying businesses in the park of the pending power outage which is estimated to last approximately one hour.

Motor Vehicle Accidents


One Car accident in AMC parking, vehicle struck light pole, no injuries, vehicle towed from scene

One car accident on Frost Road, vehicle struck telephone pole, no injuries, vehicle towed from scene

Power company phone scam

Another reminder to our residents to be aware of a phone scam;  The caller will tell you that they are from the power company and that your power is going to be shut off immediately due to a late payment.  They tell you that if you wire the money to them your service will not be interrupted.

Today, a business in Tyngsborough received this type of call, the caller stated they represented National Grid.  A follow-up to National Grid confirmed that this is not a legitmate call and such a procedure would not be used by them.

If anyone receives a call like this,  never pay your bill via wire transfer, call National Grid at 1-800-322-3223 to confirm with them whether you are late on a bill, call the Police Department to report the incident as well.