Department News

Criminal charges; 9/27-9/29


Brian Jopson, 45 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – Charged with failing to stop for police & operating to endanger

Joel Berg, 33 yrs. old of N. Reading – Charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended drivers license

Union fundraiser

The Tyngsborough police unions are conducting a fundraiser run by a private company called TCI, they have run past fundraisers where they call and ask for donations.  This is strictly a fundraiser for the (2) police unions, not a fundraiser for the Police Department or town, this fundraiser will last approximately (2) weeks.   If you receive a call and have questions please contact Officer Daniel Whitman or Lt. Shaun Wagner.

Thank you

Chief Richard Howe


Motor vehicle accidents 9/18 – 9/21


(1) vehicle accident on Middlesex Road, no injuries


(1) vehicle accident on Middlesex Road, no injuries

(2) vehicle accident on Frost Rd @ Mt. Paul, no injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd. @ Mutual Oil, no injuries

(2) vehicle accident on Kendall Rd., no injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd., no injuries

Criminal Charges filed


Cheryl Nelson, 45 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – charged with violation of an abuse prevention order & criminal harrasment


Alain Caille, 29 yrs. old of Dracut – charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended drivers license

Cheryl Nelson, 45 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – charged with violation of an abuse prevention order

Arrest; Assault & Battery on a Police Officer

On September 19th, 2014 at 6:28 am the Tyngsborough Police Department received a call reporting a suspicious male subject walking in the Middle of Middlesex Road near Mutual Oil.  Tyngsborough Police Officers responded to the area, (2) officers, who were on mountain bikes at the time, then approached a male individual who was in the parking lot of Tyngsboro Motors, the subject appeared to be attempting to break into a vehicle.

As the officers approached this subject they instructed him to stop and get down on the ground, the subject refused to comply.  One officer attempted to gain control of the subject at which time the subject struck the officer in the face with his hand.  At that time the 2nd officer on the scene deployed his taser which struck the subject and took him to the ground.

The subject was taken into custody and transported to Lowell General Hospital to have the taser probes removed, he suffered no further injury.  The Police Officer who was struck suffered a minor facial injury.

Edward Veazie, 23 yrs. old of Nashua charged with;

  • Assault & Battery on a Police Officer
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Attempt to commit a crime (B&E into a motor vehicle)
  • veazie

Motor vehicle accidents


(1) vehicle accident on Village Lane – no injuries


(1) motorcycle involved accident on Pawtucket Blvd, operator suffered life threatening injuries, transported to LGH,

(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd, no injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Trader Circle – no injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Frost Rd, both operators treated at scene for minor injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Frost Rd @ Chronopoulos Way – no injuries

Criminal Charges

As a result into an investigation regarding a stolen check from a residence in Tyngsborough the following charges were filed in Lowell District Court;

17 yr. old female of Nashua – Charged with Forgery of a check, uttering a false check, Larceny over $250



Stephanie Silva, 48 yrs. old of Dunstable – Operating Under the Influence of Liquor, 2nd offense



Prescription drug drop off day

On Saturday, September 27, 2014 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., the Tyngsborough Police Department in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will coordinate another nationwide one-day collaborative effort with state and local law enforcement agencies to remove potentially dangerous controlled substances from our nation’s homes. This national initiative will again provide an opportunity for the public to surrender pharmaceutical controlled substances and other medications to law enforcement officers for destruction. Expired, unused, or unwanted controlled substances in our homes are a potential source of supply for the increasing abuse of pharmaceutical drugs in the United States and an unacceptable risk to public health and safety.

The program is designed to help the citizens of this community dispose of their unused or out dated prescription drugs in a legal manner. The location of this event will take place in the front lobby of the Tyngsborough Police Department located at 20 Westford Road, Tyngsborough, MA. The prescriptions can be dropped off in the original containers and no questions asked. I would encourage the citizens of this community to take advantage of this program and help us in the disposal of these drugs, and help keep them off the streets and out of our water supplies. If you have any questions concerning this program please contact Lt. Shaun Woods at 978-649-7504.


Chief Richard Howe

Phone Scams continuing

Phone scams continue to occur with many being reported to the Tyngsborough Police department by residents and businesses.  The scams usually take the form of either a power company or the IRS claiming that you owe money, then asking you to send them the money owed by way of a green dot card.  Other scams are brought on by a promise of you winning a large sum of money and that if you pay a small handling fee they will send you your winnings.  These are obviously scams committed by people with no regard to decency, they are specifically looking to take advantage of those who may be most vulnerable.  Please spread the word, especially those who may not be inclined to pay attention to social media such as the elderly.  One of our officers was able to trace one of the phone calls received by a resident to a phone bank in India, when confronted the person on the other end of the line yelled at the officer then hung up on him; this obviously leaves law enforcement with little that we can do to help the victims once they are victimized.

Never send money in this way, if you are concerned that the phone calls may be legitimate do not send money right away, first contact these companies directly, speak to family members and friends or reach out to the Police Department for advice.

Thank you


Chief Richard Howe