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Warrant arrest


Jose Ramos, 25 yrs. old of Nashua – Warrant for past motor vehicle charges of racing & speeding

Motor vehicle accidents investigated


(2) vehicle accident on Coburn Road, no injuries, no tows

(2) vehicle accident on Potash Hill Road, no injuries or tows


(2) vehicle accident on Lakeview Ave @ Coburn Rd., (1) injured transported to hospital, both vehicle towed.


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd.@ Pheasant Lane Mall, no injuries, both vehicle towed.


Motor vehicle accidents are investigated by the police when there is an estimated $1,000 or more in property damage or injuries



Kristal Pelham, 28 yrs. old of New Boston, NH – (3) arrest warrants for past criminal motor vehicle charges.

Lisa Smith, 50 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – Assault & Battery with a dangerous weapon

Alan Gauthier, 46 yrs. old of Chelmsford – Violation of an abuse prevention order



All defendants are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law


K-9 Drug Sweep at High School

As part the Tyngsborough Police Department and Tyngsborough public school’s ongoing commitment to deter the use and presence of narcotics within our public schools,  a k-9 search of the High School and parking lot was conducted by the NEMLEC k-9 unit today.  This search began at approximately 9 am and lasted for 30 minutes.  I want to thank School Resource officer,  Sergeant Steve Manning, for his efforts in coordinating this event and also express my gratitude for the continued close working relationship with Superintendent Ciampa and Principal Woodlock.  A special thanks as well to the NEMLEC k-9 unit for their assistance in this important activity.

Chief Richard Howe





Motor vehicle accidents investigated


1 vehicle crash on Lawndale Road, no injuries, vehicle towed from the scene.

3 vehicle crash on Middlesex Rd, no injuries or tows


2 vehicle crash on Kendall Rd., 2 injuries, vehicles towed from the scene


Accidents with injuries or estimated damage of over $1,000 are investigated by the Police, others are an exchange of information between the drivers.



Jean Yates, 19 yrs old of Tyngsborough – Assault & Battery on a police officer, threats to commit a crime, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct




All defendants are presumed innocent until being found guilty in a court of law