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Trick-Or-Treating Postponed Until Sunday, November 5, 2017 From 6-8pm

Trick or treating originally scheduled for Tuesday October 31st has been postponed until Sunday November 5th from 6-8pm. We are postponing due to the damage caused by the storm on Sunday and Monday which has brought down numerous trees and power lines, and there is a significant risk of more coming down. Our top priority is the safety of our residents; there is far too much risk of serious injury due to the damage done by this storm.

National Grid has told us not to expect full restoration of power to residents for 48-72 hours. We remind residents that any downed line should be considered live and avoided. Also please call the Police Department at 978-649-7504 and report any downed lines or trees that appear to be in a weakened state.

-Chief Howe, Tyngsborough Police Chief

Tyngsboro Public Schools closed on Tuesday October 31st

National Grid update

The Town Administrator, Police & Fire Chief are currently taking part in a conference call with National Grid for an update on response to our region, the goal of this call by National Grid is setting priorities, explaining how they are responding and addressing specific issues in each community.

National Grid is reporting 1,561 customers with no power in Tyngsborough as of 1 pm.    The storm left 400,000  customers without power in New England, as of this afternoon there were approximately 110,000 customers without power in the Merrimack Valley, National Grid is estimating 72 hours for full restoration.  The focus right now is public safety and life threatening issues.  This is a significant event and will take time to be addressed, officials in Tyngsborough will do everything we can but everyone should understand that restoration will be based on priorities set by National Grid.

A safety reminder; treat every line that is down as a live power line, it is never worth taking a chance.  You will also see helicopters inspecting high powered lines that may have been damaged.  If you are aware of someone without power who may be at risk or need assistance please contact Police Department communications at 978-649-7504.


Power outages, National Grid update

Update from National Grid as of 9:30am;

1,300 customers in Tyngsborough remain out, National Grid has reported massive power outages across the area.  They are addressing issues in order of priority, with life and public safety issues as the top priority.  We have just updated them on our specific priorities, including roads being closed due to downed power lines.  Specifically Danforth Road which is not passable right now as there are trees and power lines blocking access.

Do not go near down power lines, assume that any downed line you see as a power line which is active.  We continue to be in direct contact with National Grid and will provide updates as we receive them.

Arrest of Alleged Heroin Dealer, Handgun Seized

Ian Burris, Age 26, of Hudson, N.H. faces a long list of charges from the Tyngsborough Police Department for allegedly carrying heroin with intent to distribute and carrying a loaded firearm illegally.

TYNGSBOROUGH — Chief Richard Howe reports that the Tyngsborough Police Department, after an investigation, arrested an alleged heroin dealer and seized an illegal, loaded handgun.

IAN BURRIS, AGE 26, OF HUDSON, N.H. was arrested and charged with:

•Possession of a Class A Substance (Heroin) with intent to distribute
•Possession of a Class E Substance (Alpraxolam)
•Possession of a Class E Substance (Busiprone)
•Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm without a License
•Possession of a Large Capacity Feeding Device without a License
•Unlawful Possession of Ammunition
•Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (Double Edged Knife)
•Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (Switchblade Knife) [Two Counts]
•Unlawfully Carrying a Dangerous Weapon (Metallic Knuckles)

On Thursday, Oct. 26 at 10:09 p.m., officers on patrol responded to the Alltown Mobil on Westford Road for an investigation. Upon arrival, officers found a red Toyota Corolla with front end damage parked off to the side of the gas station building. The driver, later identified as BURRIS was in a semi-conscious state.

Officers observed, in plain view, a glass water bong with white residue, in the center console. BURRIS was unable to follow basic commands to shut off the vehicle and exit. the vehicle. Officers soon noticed a large metallic object tucked into BURRIS’S waistband. A frisk was performed, and a loaded black firearm and black knife were found on BURRIS.

BURRIS was taken into custody. A subsequent search of the car unveiled a backpack containing glassine baggies, cash, brass knuckles, a switch blade, and a double edge knife. Officers also found a digital scale, pills, and a brown powder substance.

The Toyota was impounded as a drug car.

BURRIS was evaluated at the scene, while it is believed he was under the influence of drugs, he did not require emergency medical treatment. He was later conscious and alert after booking at the police station.

BURRIS was held pending his arraignment at Lowell District Court.

National Prescription Drug 💊 Take Back Day

Reminder: Tyngsboro PD is hosting National Prescription Drug 💊 Take Back Day, tomorrow, October 28th, from 10am-2pm at the Tyngsboro Police Station.

NO needles 💉 please!


Locust Ave House Fire

The Tyngsboro Fire Department is working on an active house fire on Locust Ave. All known people and animals were evacuated from the home.

Good work Reserve Officer Sean Caron!

Great pic of Reserve Officer Sean Caron at the Homecoming Football game this past weekend.   Thank you to the proud mom who shared it with me, this is an excellent example of community Policing!  Well done Sean.

Chief Howe



Arrests / criminal charges filed via summons process 10/19 – 10/21


58 yr. old male of Tyngsborough – (2) counts of possession of Child Pornography

31 yr. old male of Tyngsborough – Assault & Battery with Injury on a person over 60 

37 yr. old male of Tyngsborough –  Possession of Class A drug (Heroin) & Arrest warrant for past charges of Possession class B drug and other motor vehicle criminal charges


20 yr. old male of Lowell – Operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration, uninsured

26 yr. old female of Hudson, NH – Leaving the scene of property damage

48 yr. old female of Tyngsborough – Operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration, uninsured



All defendants are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law



Baystate Marathon

The Baystate Marathon will be held Sunday, October 22nd, 2017, starting at 8:00 a.m.

Traffic will be impacted on Rt 3A Middlesex Rd, the Tyngsboro Bridge, and Pawtucket Blvd, throughout the day.

Officers will be posted at specific locations troughout the course to assist with traffic and the runners’ safety.