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A message from Tyngsboro Public Schools regarding new marijuana laws

December 15, 2016
Good Afternoon,

As you may know, effective today, the use of recreational marijuana is legal in Massachusetts as a result of the ballot question approved by voters on November 8th.  In consultation with Chief Howe and the Tyngsborough Police Department, we believe it is important to remind the community about the parameters of this legislation, and what it means for our public schools.

The following specific provisions outlined in the ballot question identify what remains ILLEGAL:

  • Possession of any amount of marijuana on school grounds.
  • Marijuana cannot be possessed, purchased, grown or used by anyone under age 21 (unless they have a valid medical marijuana permit), and it’s against the law to give away marijuana to someone under the age of 21.
  • Using marijuana is illegal in any public place. It is also illegal to use marijuana in any place where tobacco is banned.

Additionally, the law has other identified provisions that relate to operating a motor vehicle, growing marijuana in the home, growth quantity limits, and crossing state lines with marijuana.

As always, our goal is to provide our students an environment where they can achieve to their highest potential.  We are proud of our collaboration with the Tyngsborough Police Department and local K9 units, as they help us monitor our schools on a regular basis.  We believe that this strong partnership keeps our learning community safe and strong.

We appreciate your support and encourage you to contact us with any questions.


Michael Flanagan, Ed.D.                                     Richard Howe

Superintendent of Schools                                  Chief of Police