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Arrest – A&B on a police officer, resisting arrest

On February 25, 2013 at 1:30am Tyngsborough Police officers responded to a reported verbal altercation occurring between two females at Smokey Bones Restaurant.

Officers met with employees of Smokey Bones who were standing outside the restaurant with a female who appeared to be highly intoxicated.  At some point the officers asked her for identification to which she provided.   While the officers were talking with the manager of the restaurant this female suddenly became increasingly belligerent and hostile toward the employee and the officer.  She then lunged at the officer and pushed him in the chest area.  The officer stepped back as this female continued to yell obscenities.  Officers continued to direct her to stop her behavior and calm down but she continued.  She was then advised by an officer that she would be tased if she continued her assaultive behavior.  She then complied and was taken into custody.  Again she became combative with the officers and physically resisted efforts to put her in the back of a police cruiser; she again was advised that she would be tased if she continued to resist, she then complied with the officers instructions.

Elizabeth Perez, 21 years old of Nashua, NH was charged with; Assault & Battery on a Police Officer, Resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Released by; Deputy Chief Richard Howe