Department News

Arrests at Smokey Bones

On Wednesday February 22nd at approximately 1220 a.m. an officer of the Tyngsborough Police Department on routine patrol observed a group of 10-15 subjects gathered in front of Smokey Bones Restaurant and saw that roughly 4 of them were involved in a fight.  The officer called for back-up and then intervened ordering the subjects to separate.  After repeated orders to leave the property one of the subjects, Michael McDonough, continued to yell profanities and racial epithets at the crowds of people who were still gathered in front of the restaurant.  McDonough was then advised he was under arrest for disturbing the peace, the subject became combative and resisted arrest, while resisting he was flailing his arms and struck the officers with his elbows, after one of the officers advised McDonough that he would be tasered if he did not comply he put his hands behind his back and complied.

Another subject who was with McDonough, Adam Leaver, then went back into the crowd of patrons and had his arms raised in a fighting manner and was yelling obscenities at the crowd, the officers then attempted to arrest Leaver who resisted and would not put his arms behind his back, he also was told that he would be tasered if he did not comply, Leaver then complied and was taken into custody.  Both subjects were transported to the Tyngsborough Police Department where they were booked and later released on bail, the charges are as follows;

Michael McDonough; 21 yrs. old of Groton – Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, (2) counts of Assault & Battery of a Police Officer and trespass.

Adam Leaver, 21 yrs. old of Townsend – Disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and trespass.

Released by;    Lt. Rich Howe