Department News

Attempted Scam

On December 11th the Tyngsborough Department investigated a case involving an attempted fraud.  The potential victims in this matter had placed an advertisement in the Lowell Sun selling a puppy.  They were subsequently contacted by someone who said they were interested in purchasing the puppy so the victims gave some contact information to the potential buyer.  A few days later they received two checks totaling over $3,500, far in excess of the asking price.  The person who wrote the checks asked the victims to take what they needed and then send the rest of the money back to them along with the puppy.  The potential victims correctly identified this as a scam and contacted the Police.  The Tyngsborough Police Department is investigating and working with the Postmaster in this matter.

This is a type of scam that is being perpetrated frequently and many people have fallen victim to it.   The scam is that the checks are written against closed or non-existing accounts and victims send the money to the perpetrators before they find out from their bank that the check is worthless.  The elderly are frequently targeted in this type of scam which have become more common as of late.

The Tyngsborough Police department is asking people to never send money via the mail in these type of circumstances and to first contact their Police Department when in doubt.

Released by:    Lt. Richard Howe