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Ballistic vest grant received for our K-9 Jagr

Tyngsborough Police Department’s K-9 Jagr Receives Donated Ballistic Vest

Tyngsborough Police Department’s K-9 Jagr received a donated ballistic vest from Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog. (Photo Courtesy of Tyngsborough Police)

TYNGSBOROUGH — Chief Richard D. Howe and the Tyngsborough Police Department are pleased to announce that K-9 Jagr, partner of Officer Chris Rider, received a donated ballistic vest from Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog.

Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog aims to ensure that every Massachusetts K-9 has a bulletproof vest, which can range from $1,000 to $2,400, in order to protect them from ballistic, slash, and stab attacks, as well as against blunt force trauma if they are kicked, punched or struck with an object.

“Our K-9 unit can be put into dangerous situations and we want to ensure that both Officer Rider and K-9 Jagr have the necessary equipment to maintain their safety,” Chief Howe said. “Thanks to the generosity of this organization and those who contribute to it, Jagr will get the protection that he and all canines deserve.”

Jagr’s new $2,400 K-9 Storm custom-fit vest is made of the same ballistic material as a human officer’s vest and also has a built-in load-bearing harness system, which allows the dog to rappel. The vest can also accommodate a K-9 video camera and a specialized light system for monitoring via helicopter. K-9 vests are not worn like a uniform and are only used as needed when there is an increased danger level.

“We’re pleased to provide this essential safety equipment for K-9 Jagr, made possible with generous donations and tireless volunteer efforts,” said Kathy Hinds, President of Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog. “We extend best wishes for a long and successful career for K-9 Jagr and Officer Rider.”

The vest was made possible through a $500 donation from a local donor and an anonymous donation of $30,000 to the MA Vest-a-Dog’s Vest Fund. Chief Howe extends his gratitude to the donors and Vest-a-Dog for their generosity.

About Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog

Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, Inc. is an independent, volunteer, nonprofit organization, supporting Massachusetts police dogs. Since 2000, generous donor support and volunteer efforts have provided almost $700,000 in support. This translates to over 436 ballistic K-9 vests (including 50 specialized SWAT K-9 vests at over $2,400 each), 220 K-9 first aid kits ($200 each), as well as essential equipment, training and canines to support law enforcement K-9 programs across Massachusetts.

For more information, visit their website.