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ADVISORY: Bear Sightings in Town

In the past few weeks there have been daily sightings of Bear in the Scribner Hill area of town.  There is a mother and two cubs that have been around for a few years now.  There has also been a few others seen in the area.  This is the time year that they are moving about more therefore that is why you are seeing them more often.

The Bear have not been any threat so far.

Despite popular belief, black bears are not fierce. Their first response is usually to flee and in woodland areas the bears may disappear long before they are seen.

If a bear is sighted in town, please  leave the animal alone. Remind pet owners to keep their dogs under control. Keep crowds away and avoid following the animal. Pursuit not only stresses the animal but it adds the risk of having a bear chased out into traffic or into a group of bystanders. In most situations, the animal will fade back into the forest.

 Preventing Conflicts With Bears

Do Not Feed Bears!

Keep the “wild” in “wildlife”. Never deliberately feed bears to attract them to your property. Bears which become accustomed to humans and dependent on human-associated foods are likely to cause property damage and become a nuisance. The bear is then placed in jeopardy if you or your neighbors become afraid of it or seek to protect their property. Remove or Secure all Potential Food Sources

Don’t tempt bears by providing foods within easy reach. Take down bird feeders-especially those containing suet or sunflower seed-by April 1 and don’t replace them until December 1. Birds will be fine without supplemental feeding once spring arrives. Clean up spilled seed. Although some feeders can be “bear-proofed”, bears will still be attracted by scent or by spilled seed. You can attract birds for your enjoyment by planting a flower garden, providing a dusting site, and maintaining nesting boxes and a bird bath.

Be sure that all pet foods are consumed at a single feeding and not left in the dish. Do not leave pet food or dirty dishes outside at night.

Store all garbage in closed containers in a secure garage or inside location. Small amounts of garbage may be frozen and then placed in trash cans just before pickup. Bears may still be attracted by the smell even if they can’t get to the garbage. Double bags or sprinkling with ammonia will help reduce odors. Do not leave your garbage cans outside overnight. Put them by the roadside just before pickup. Dogs, coyotes, raccoons, and other animals will tip over and scatter garbage, as well as bears. Wash and rinse cans regularly. Clean greasy barbecues and picnic grills after using them. Do not leave food scraps or spilled grease in your yard.

Do not place meat scraps, fruit remnants, or sweet materials in your compost pile. Bears will be attracted to these items.

Protect Your Bees

Use temporary or permanent electric fences to safeguard your hives. Be sure to keep weeds from shorting out the fence. Regularly maintain the chargers or batteries. Do not place fences next to trees which the bears can climb and then jump down inside the fence.

Keep open, mowed areas on all sides around the hives. Do not locate hives in abandoned areas or close to wooded overgrown areas where bears have pathways to the hives.

Do not place supplemental foods nearby as a distraction. This will attract or habituate bears and will be counterproductive.

Please visit the following site for more details on Black Bear:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or call 978-649-6569.


Thank you,
Dave Robson

Tyngsborough Animal Control