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Beware of scams, online, phone, email

Please be aware of ongoing scams via phone and email.  The latest one was brought to our attention by someone who works in Tyngsborough was sent to us today. (see below)

This included an official looking email, the scammers will send these out to numerous employees in various companies, and they will typically sign the email with the name of a real executive at the company in the hope of making it look realistic.  


Please I need to get a Gift card for my niece but I can’t do this now because I’m not feeling well. I’ve got the flu and i tried purchasing online but i don’t know what’s wrong with my Amazon account it’s not going through and have called Amazon but it has not been resolved yet, please can you can get it for me from the store or online?I’ll pay back as soon as I get better


Please never provide your information over email or phone, unless you have called the person/company directly and you are able to 100% verify that the person you are talking to is legitimate.  Please spread the word, especially to those who may be more vulnerable to these types of scams.  If you have questions, please contact the Police Department.