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Westford / Dunstable Rd intersection re-alignment

The work related to the lane re-alignment of the Westford Rd & / Dunstable Rd. intersection has resumed today.  The roadwork should be complete by the end of the week.  The right lane of Westford Road heading Southbound toward the intersection will become a straight and right turn only, the left lane will be a dedicated left turn lane only with a left turn signal.  While the roadwork is ongoing traffic will be allowed through however the roadway will be reduced to one lane as necessary.

Motor vehicle accidents


(2) vehicles involved on Rt. 3 – no injuries

(2) vehicles involved on Middlesex Rd @ Kendall Rd. intersection – (2) minor injuries, (1) vehicle towed from the scene


(2) vehicles involved at Kendall Rd. @ Cummings Rd. – no injuries

Veterans Day

Thank you to our veterans, your service and sacrifice are what makes this country great


motor vehicle accidents


(1) vehicle accident on Scribner Rd. – no injuries


(1) vehicle accident on Sherburne Ave. – no injuries

Criminal charges filed


Evgeny Blinkov, 25 yrs. old of Medford – Operating a motor vehicle with a revoked registration, operating an uninsured motor vehicle

Stephen Elliott, 27 yrs. old of Lowell – Assault




These are filed charges only; all persons charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



Bryan Cashman, 29 yrs. old of Tyngsborough – Assault with a dangerous weapon (hammer), Threat to commit a crime, & Stalking.

Westford/Dunstable Rd. intersection

The project that will change the configuration of the Westford Rd / Dunstable Rd intersection has been delayed.  It will likely be completed next week, we will update when we have the dates the work will commence.  Westford Rd. will remain open while work is being completed.

Forgery Charges

An investigation into the larceny of a $5,000 check on July 28th has resulted in charged being filed;  The victims in this matter are a business owner and Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union;

Kurt Langley, 31 yrs. old of Bridgewater, NH – charged with Forgery of a check, uttering a false check and Larceny over $250 by False Pretenses

Modification of roadway Westford Rd. @ Dunstable Rd.

Westford Road At Dunstable Road (Flint’s Corner), Traffic Pattern Modifications | Tues. Nov. 4th

Modification of the Westford Road at Dunstable Road intersection will begin today, November 4th at 8:00 AM.

The work will include re-striping the Westford Road southbound approach to accommodate a left-turn lane and a through/right-turn lane (vs. a left-turn/through travel lane and a right-turn lane) and modifying the traffic signal system and associated signs and pavement markings to reflect the lane use changes. These changes will be consistent with the Public Hearing held by the Board of Selectmen earlier this year.

The work is anticipated to take 1-2 days, weather depending. Please expect delays and seek alternate routes where possible.

We anticipate that this change will improve traffic flow as there will be a dedicated left turn lane for the significant amount of trucks and other vehicles that turn left off of Westford Road onto Dunstable Road.  Traffic going straight through the intersection will no longer be delayed waiting in the left turn lane., the right lane will be dedicated to through traffic and taking a right onto Dunstable Road.

Motor vehicle accidents


(2) vehicles involved on Middlesex Rd., no injuries

(1) vehicle  involved on Chestnut Rd., no injuries, vehicle towed

(2) vehicles involved on Lakeview Ave @ Frost Rd., no injuries


(1) vehicle involved on Westford Rd., no injuries, vehicle towed


(1) vehicle involved on Pawtucket Blvd., no injuries