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New Hampshire Police officer line of duty death

The Tyngsborough Police Department sends our sincere condolences to the Brentwood, NH Police Department and to the family of  Officer Steve Arkell who was murdered in the line of duty on Monday.  Officer Arkell responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence, upon entry of the home he was immediately shot multiple times, a second officer entered the home and immediately came under fire and he was able to safely retreat.  An explosion then occurred in the home, burning it to the ground.    Officer Arkell was 47 years old, he was a police officer for 15 years and is survived by his wife and two daughters, he died a hero while  protecting his community.

Motor vehicle accidents


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd, no injuries


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd @ Westford Rd, no injuries

(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd. @ Pheasant Lane Mall, no injuries

(2) vehicle accident on Locust Ave., (2) minor injuries, treated at the scene


(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd. @ Locust Ave., no injuries

(2) vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd @ Old Tyng Rd., (3) minor injuries, treated at scene

National Grid Scam


Utility Companies Report Incidents in Other States

WALTHAM, MASS. – Once again National Grid customers in New England are being targeted by utility bill scammers demanding immediate payment for electric bill balances, which customers might not even owe. The fraudulent callers are claiming to be from National Grid and threatening customers with immediate service shut-off unless they provide credit card or bank account information that can be used to access the accounts.
There have been numerous reports of these types of scams in several states over the past year and National Grid continues to advise customers to be wary of any caller who threatens service immediate service termination unless an immediate payment is made.
National Grid does contact customers with past due balances by phone to offer payment options and to remind them that service shutoff is a possibility if they fail to pay their past due balance. If customers wish, they can arrange for a payment by check, credit card or debit card if they speak directly to a customer service representative. Payment can also be made by credit card or debit card without a representative’s assistance.
Customers should verify they are speaking with a National Grid representative. One way to do this is to commit to memory the last five digits of their National Grid account number to memory and ask the caller to provide those numbers. If the caller can’t provide the information, if you doubt the caller is a National Grid representative, or if have any questions about your balance, hang up immediately and call our customer contact center at 800-322-3223.

OUI Arrest

Seng Lee, 31 yrs. old of Derry, NH – Arrested on OUI Liquor on Norris Road as a result of a motor vehicle accident

Warrant arrest

Keith Gouveia, 21 yrs. old of Lowell – Arrested on (2) outstanding warrants related to past charges of disturbing the peace and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Injured juvenile Bald Eagle rescued

For the last several days the Tyngsborough Police Department and Animal Control Officer Dave Robson have received calls from residents on Old Tyng Road reporting a Juvenile Bald Eagle which was clearly injured.  Each attempt to capture the Eagle failed until this morning, Tyngsborough Animal Control called Boston Animal Rescue League after receiving a call again from residents today at 9:30am.  They responded from Boston immediately and captured the Eagle with the assistance of Officer Robson,  the animal is being transported to Tufts Animal Hospital in Grafton for medical care.  We would like to thank our residents, our animal control officer and Boston Animal Rescue for a job well done.  Below is a picture of the Eagle taken this morning.


juvenile bald eagle

Hazardous waste day May 3rd

This Saturday May 3rd is Hazardous waste day at the Tyngsborough Highway Department from 9am – 1pm.    Based on traffic back-up on Kendall Rd. last year, which resulted in numerous complaints and also presents a public safety hazard, there have been some adjustments made.  After consultation between the Police Chief, Highway Department Foreman, and the Health Dept.  the parking lot will be expanded by allowing residents who are waiting in line to wrap around the back of the Highway Department rather than wait and pull to the side of the road on Kendall Rd. causing a traffic hazard.    There will be Highway Dept. personnel on scene who will guide residents on where to go in the parking lot, there will be a police detail at the entrance of the Highway Dept. who will not allow traffic to park on Kendall Rd if the Highway Dept. parking lot becomes overloaded, please do not arrive prior to 8:30 am as Highway personnel need time to prepare the parking lot for the 9 am start.   People will be asked to return at a later time or park in the park & ride lot until there is  room in the Highway Dept lot.  Please see the brochure from the Health Department below, thank you for your cooperation.




Saturday, May 3, 2014    9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

 Highway Department, 87 Kendall Road (Rte. 113)

Board of Health 978-649-2300 Ext. 118 or

Proof of Tyngsborough & Dunstable residency is required: Driver’s license or current utility bill

                                                What Do I Bring?

From the Workbench                         From the Garage                                From the House

Oil Based Paints                                        Fuels/Gasoline/Kerosene                         Rubber Cement

Stains & Varnishes                                         Engine Degreaser                                    Airplane Glue

Wood Preservatives                             Brake Fluid/Carburetor Cleaner              Fiberglass Resins

Paint Strippers/Thinners                        Transmission Fluid                                    Aerosol Cans

Solvent Adhesives                                         Car Wax, Polishes                                  Photo Chemicals

Lighter Fluid                                                      Driveway Sealer                                   Furniture Polish

Roofing Tar                                                       Toilet Cleaner                                           Antifreeze                    Oven Cleaner


From the Yard

Weed Killers                                      Swimming Pool Chemicals                         Spot Remover

Chemical Fertilizers                                     Motor Oil                                                Rug & Upholstery Cleaner

Flea Control Products                           Car Batteries                                                Hobby & Art Supplies

Poisons, Insecticides                             Fluorescent Lights/Tubes                      Floor & Metal Polish

Fungicides                                            Propane Tanks (shut off valve) Rechargeable and Button

Moth Balls                                                           Batteries


Charged Items (Cash Only)

Tires – $2.00 per tire (no oversize tires)

Propane Tanks – no charge for 20 lbs,     $1.00 for 1, 5, 10, 15 lbs,     $2.00 for 30, 40, 60 lbs


What not to bring:

Electronics                    Metal, Appliances, and Equipment

Ammunition                  Fireworks                                                         Explosives

Asbestos material         Empty Containers/Trash                                    Commercial or Industrial Waste

Radioactive Waste        Smoke Detectors                                              Infectious & Biological Waste

Syringes                       Prescription Medicines                         Alkaline Batteries*     Latex Paint*


How Can I Safely Transport Hazardous Waste

Leave materials in original containers

Tighten caps and lids

Sort and pack separately: oil paint, pesticides and household cleaners

Pack containers in sturdy upright boxes and pad with newspapers


NEVER SMOKE while handling hazardous material


*non-hazardous – can be discarded in trash (paint needs to be dried out before discarding)


Massapoag Road now re-opened

Massapoag Road, which has been closed in the area of #142 due to flooding and a road collapse a few weeks ago, is now open.  The roadway has been repaired and a base coat of asphalt has been applied, a final layer will be applied on Friday May 2nd which will cause a temporary shut down of the roadway in that area.  The repair included the installation of a new drainage pipe that goes under the road which is significantly larger than the previous one which had rusted and broke, leading to the flooding and collapse of the roadway.  Thank you to the residents in the area for their patience during this situation.



Hit & Run Accident

We are looking for the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and operator which struck another vehicle at the intersection of Locust Ave & Middlesex Road at 8am on Monday 4/28.

The vehicle that fled the scene is described as a yellow sedan which will likely have damage to it’s front right section.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Tyngsborough Police Department Criminal Investigations unit at (978) 649-7504 or remain anonymous by calling our Confidential Tip Line: 1(978) 226-TIPS (8477).

Motor vehicle accidents


Hit & Run crash involving (2) vehicles on Middlesex Rd., no injuries, investigation continuing


(2) vehicle crash on Frost Road, no injuries