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changes to the Middlesex @ Tyngsborough bridge intersection

On Friday March 9th the State DOT is scheduled to make changes to the lighting at the intersection of Middlesex @ the  Tyngsborough bridge.  The change will impact the left turn signals on both sides of the intersection on Middlesex Road.  There will no longer be a blinking yellow light, the left turn signals will be a solid green left, yellow then solid red.  The timing of the solid green light will also change with additional time given to traffic taking left turns, the solid green left arrow will activate on average  twice the time it does now allowing more vehicles to pass through the intersection.

The work is scheduled to begin at approximately 10 am tomorrow (3/10) and last 1-2 hours, Tyngsborough officers will be assisting at the intersection during this time.  Officers’ will also be active monitoring this intersection after the changes are made.