Department News

Fraudulent fundraiser warning

The Tyngsboro Police Department has received complaints regarding an apparent telephone scam. The suspected scammer, who identifies himself as Marvin Winston, informed the resident that they are doing their Annual Ad Campaign for the Tyngsboro Fire Department and that they are making a book that goes to the elementary school. Marvin told the caller that he was from Tyngsboro but he is not a firefighter. Marvin advises the resident to write the check out to “Volunteer Fireman” (deposit only) and to leave it in an envelope on the front door.

Detectives have confirmed with the Tyngsboro Fire Department that they DO NOT have a fundraiser going on at this time. Detectives also found that Marvin is not from Tyngsboro and may be from the Maryland area.

At this time, we are treating this as a fraudulent fundraiser and are urging residents not to contribute.  Please spread the word to your friends, family & neighbors, especially those who may not be on social media.

If any residents have already contributed to this, please file a report with the Tyngsboro Police Department.  If you are contacted by this individual or if you have information regarding the true identify of this individual please call the Tyngsborough Police at 978-649-7504 or leave an anonymous tip by choosing #9.