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fraudulent phone calls regarding medicare

We received information distributed from the Council on Aging and Senior Centers regarding senior citizens receiving phone calls from people claiming to be from medicare.  Please read the following as it was distributed by the center;

“This office received an email today about an elder receiving a phone call from “Medicare.” A very well spoken caller claimed they had “sent her a letter” prior to a doctor coming to her house to ensure the proper services were being provided.  The caller wanted to send Dr. “X” to her house the following day.

The elder said “this didn’t sound right” and felt very uncomfortable, but the caller gave her a phone # for verification.  When she hung up, she called the Medicare # on her card (1-800-633-4227) and was told it was a scam…and that when they got to her house they would more than likely try to sell her insurance products. ”

Please spread the word in person and by social media; speak to your family, friends, neighbors who are senior citizens and advise them of this scam, unfortunately this and other scams conducted by shady characters occur often and will likely continue.  The best way to combat these unscrupulous people is to keep our seniors informed.   Never give personal information over the phone.