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From The Chief Mulligan: Accomplishments and Goals

The successful management of any Police Department requires the dedicated involvement of not only the Police Chief, but of all Officers and Police Staff, our Town Administrator and Elected Officials, and the Community.  As your Police Chief, I find one of my greatest challenges to be balancing the expectations of these three segments; though at times frustrating, it is ultimately a highly rewarding and satisfying responsibility to hold.

As I start my fifth year in the position of Tyngsborough’s Chief of Police, I believe we have all worked together in a highly effective and collaborative manner to achieve and maintain this balance, moving the Police Department forward to reach the very important goals set when I first had the privilege to take my oath.  I’d like to share these accomplishments with you now:

State of Massachusetts Police Accreditation

The Tyngsborough Police Department became the 38th Certified Police Departments in the State of Massachusetts. State Certification is the first step toward State Accreditation. At this time, there are only 27 Police Departments state-wide with accreditation.  Achieving this goal in less than three years is a tremendous tribute to the hard work and determination of the Officers involved in this effort.

Improved Hiring Standards

Each Officer candidate must now pass a written exam, a physical fitness test, and an oral interview, as well as an extensive background investigation.

Reserve Officer Program

The Police Department has hired six full-time Officers from the Reserve Officer Program since 2007, saving thousands of dollars in training costs for the Community and the Police Department.

Patrol Lieutenant Positions

Working together with the Town Administrator and the Board of Selectmen we have promoted three veteran Sergeants to the rank of Lieutenant. This has improved the operation of the police department allowing us to better serve the community.

Partnership with Schools

Our School Resource Officer has initiated Lax and the Law, an indoor Lacrosse program for high schools students, including both male and female teams. This program is funded entirely through donations, at no cost to the tax payer.  In addition, I maintain a close relationship with the Superintendent of Schools, and have offered advice and information on numerous school security issues.

DARE Program

DARE is an important program in which students learn about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and bullying.  No tax dollars are used for the DARE program; it is completely funded through donations. Starting in 2007, we have had over 300 students attend these classes.

Partnership with Council on Aging

We have worked together on a number of projects, including providing presentations on various elderly issues such as security and scams, as well as serving food at senior breakfasts and holiday lunches.

Tyngsborough Police Department Web Site

Developed in 2008, and revamped in 2010  the Police Department’s web site provides the community with information on the Police Department, our Officers, and the various programs and services we offer.  In addition the site provides citizens with convenient online access to various forms (accident forms, specific permits, etc).

Police Station Headquarters

Since 2007, we have power-washed the exterior of the building, painted the interior walls, and replaced and updated office furniture within the police department, all at no cost to the tax payers.

Police Department Memorial

Working in partnership with the community, the police union, and the staff, we erected a Police memorial in front of the Police Department in 2008. The site was prepared by a member of the Police Department and the memorial was donated by a local company, at no cost to tax payers.

Motorcycle Unit

This program was started in 2007 and has been funded through Community Policing funds and donations. This has been a highly effective and well-received community policing tool, as well as a proactive motor vehicle enforcement tool.

Bicycle Patrols

This program has been supported through community policing funds which we have used to purchase bicycles and carrying racks.  This program allows Officers to get out of their cruisers to engage in positive contact with the citizens of Tyngsborough.  Again, this program has been very well-received and has proven highly effective.

Equipment Upgrades

  • We have purchased new handguns and provided the most up-to-date patrol rifles, helmets, and heavy duty ballistic vests for our Officers as assigned to each patrol cruiser, all at no cost to the tax payer.
  • We have purchased the most up-to-date portable radios for our patrol officers at no cost to tax payers.
  • We have trained our Officers in the use of our newly acquired Tasers, also purchased with drug forfeiture money at no cost to the tax payer.
  • In addition, through community policing funds we have acquired a Speed Monitoring Radar Trailer which is assigned to various locations, as needed throughout Town.


  • We have raised over $11,000 on the sale of firearms we have invested this money back into the police department for needed equipment and supplies.
  • We have been able to add value to the property we remove from the station for the community.

Professional Affiliations

As your Chief, I believe it’s my responsibility to assume responsibility and presence in various professional organizations that help me provide both visibility to our Police Department and insight into state-of-the-art police practices and tools:

  • I am the Chairman of the Northeastern Law Enforcement Council Training Committee.
  • I am a member of the Regional Dispatch Committee for Northern Middlesex Council of Governments
  • I am a member of the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
  • I am a lifetime member of the International Chiefs of Police Association.
  • I am a member of the Middlesex Chiefs of Police Association.

As the beginning of my next year as your Chief begins, I look forward to the Police Department’s continuing accomplishments in partnership with the Community, the Board of Selectmen, and the Town Administrator.