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From The Police Chief: Register your out-of-state veichle

As a citizen of Tyngsborough, I have enjoyed living close to the State of New Hampshire. But I live in Massachusetts. I pay my taxes in Massachusetts. I also have my motor vehicle registered in Massachusetts, not out of state.

Massachusetts residents are required by law to register vehicles in the Bay State. The Tyngsborough Police Department will be cracking down on residents who live in Town, but drive vehicles with out-of-state license registration.

As I drive through our Community, I often observe out-of-state registered vehicles parked in driveways in the early morning hours, as well as late at night. Many of these vehicles are registered in the State of New Hampshire.

Why would a citizen of Tyngsborough register their vehicle in New Hampshire? They may be trying to avoid paying Tyngsborough excise tax, sales tax, or looking to save money on car insurance. Unlike Massachusetts, New Hampshire does not require a vehicle to be insured before it is registered.

There is no legal reason for any Massachusetts resident to register their automobile in any state but Massachusetts.  This practice is illegal, and if you receive a citation for this offense, you could be fined $250- $500 on each violation.

In order to issue such a fine, your Police Department must observe an illegal vehicle at a residence for 30 days. We will be initiating this observance, primarily assigning the overnight patrol shift the majority of these duties, since this is the time when vehicles are generally parked at homes.

Once an out-of-state vehicle has been observed at a residence for 15 days, we will issue a warning advising the citizens to get the vehicle registered in Massachusetts. We understand that occasionally a vehicle with out-of-state plates may have a legitimate reason for being registered out of state. If this is the case, notify your Police Department of the reason now. We will investigate the reason and, if necessary, schedule a hearing with the Registry of Motor Vehicles for a ruling on the issue.

Please take this as an early warning from your Police Department. As your Police Chief, I believe it is better to ask you now than to tell you later. You may have done this for a day or for years, but the law will be enforced. If you are found in violation, you will be charged.

Have a great fall!

Chief W.F. Mulligan