Honor Guard

The Tyngsborough Police Honor Guard was established in 2001. Originally a 4 member squad, it was formed to pay respect to one of our fallen officers, Det./Sgt. Gregory Kasabian, Sgt. Mark Bourque and Off. Cindy Weeks sat down with several uniform companies and outlined what they were looking for with regards to colors, fabrics, and style (i.e. high collars).

Canterbury Uniforms out of Quincy, MA was the choice of vendors and Sgt. Bourque and Off. Weeks continued forward and designed the uniform you currently see today. Our Honor Guard contingent is now compromised of five full-time, sworn officers., Off. Melanson, Off. Rubino, and Off. Cassella round out the cast of six.

Our colors consist of Navy and French blue, with silver piping.  We wear a white Officers Memorial Pin above our name tags to both honor and remember, not only our own, but all of the fallen officers that have died serving their communities.  Whereas some departments choose to have shirts and ties, we decided that a high, buckled collar was the style we were in search of, giving both a military and unique look.  We can’t thank Canterbury Uniforms enough for their tireless effort and work establishing, what we believe to be, the classiest Honor Guard uniform in Massachusetts.

The Honor Guard serves several purposes, but first and foremost to honor the memory of fallen officers, both in the line of duty and off.  We attend wakes and funerals in such capacity.  We are also present at various inductions and ceremonies (ie. Officer Swearing in Ceremonies and 9/11 Tributes and Remembrance Ceremonies.)  We also attend functions and parades honoring our fallen brother officers.  Every Memorial Day the Tyngsborough Police Honor Guard can be seen in the center of town leading our annual parade from the old Town Hall across the river to the American Legion.  We have grown since 2001 and have come to symbolize “Strength and Honor!”

Please enjoy the pictures and direct any questions/comments/ or concerns to Sgt. Mark Bourque at: mbourque@tyngsboropolice.com.


Sgt. Mark J. Bourque