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IRS phone scam

A complaint was taken today from a Tyngsborough resident regarding an IRS phone scam.  The resident stated that she received a call from someone claiming to be “Sgt. Kenneth Webster” from the IRS who advised her that she owed taxes and that she should have received a letter at her residence approximately (1) month earlier.  The caller told the resident the address the letter was sent to (this was the residents previous address).  The caller told her to withdraw a certain amount of money from her bank, go to CVS on Boston Road in Chelmsford and purchase a Green Dot Card.  The resident was told to call (1-415-251-9049) to get further instructions once she arrived in the parking lot.

Please spread the word, especially to those who may not be on social media or more vulnerable, this is a scam and has been occurring frequently of late,  if you complete an internet search of the number above you will see a history of scam/fraud reports associated with it.  The IRS does not collect debt in this way,  call the IRS directly if you receive a call such as this, do not give any information over the phone.