Department News

Law Enforcement Fundraiser not affiliated with the Tyngsborough Police

The Tyngsborough Police Unions are not currently conducting a fundraiser.

The Police Department was made aware that there is an ongoing fundraiser being done by a non-profit called the Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition (MMPC,,  at least one person in Tyngsborough was contacted by this group and was advised that they represented law enforcement groups of which Tyngsborough was a member.  This group, although legitimate,  represents police unions from departments outside this area, Tyngsborough Police Unions &  the Tyngsborough Police Department have no affiliation with this group.  MMPC was contacted regarding the apparent false claim by the caller stating that they represented Tyngsborough ,  MMPC told us they are  looking into the third party that does their fundraisers and that they take this complaint seriously and will address it.

The purpose of this notice is to inform the community, it is not intended as an endorsement or criticism of this legitimate coalition.


Chief Richard D. Howe