Department News

Lowell Technical High School incident

The Tyngsborough Police Department responded to the Lowell Vocational Technical High School at 7:05 this morning, October 5th, located on Pawtucket Blvd. in Tyngsborough, after being informed of a threatening Facebook post by a student.

Officers conducted a search of the school as students were just entering the building for the beginning of classes.  The student in question, an 18 yr. old male, was subsequently located and removed from the student population.  The student, who we are not identifying, apparently posted a picture of himself on Facebook with what turned out to be an air soft handgun, the student made statements on his page that were interpreted by others as a direct threat of violence at the school.  At this time there does not appear that a direct threat of violence was made by the student.  A search of the students’ residence was conducted by Tyngsborough officers as a result of this incident, the airsoft handgun was located.

School operations were not interrupted, the Vocational School will be handling the situation with the student and his parents administratively.  There are no pending criminal charges at this time.


Chief Richard D. Howe