Department News

Missing Elderly Man

On January 10 at 9:55PM family members reported an elderly man, 91 years old missing.  They reported that
the man was last seen leaving his daughter’s residence at 3PM on Wyndbrook Lane in Tyngsborough.  He was
driving an older model white car.  They reported that he had no prior similar incidents and was initially thought
to be at a number of relatives in the area’s home.  After calling around they realized he was at none of them.
Broadcasts were put out to area departments and the state police, and area hospitals were notified with
negative results.  Tyngsborough officers searched area parking lots, and routes to and from relatives homes
and locations that he was known to frequent.
At approximately 7am this morning as he was driving home from working the late night shift, Reserve Officer
Edward Caissie spotted the man driving the car on Westford Road headed towards Westford MA.  Off. Caissie
turned around and followed in his personal car and notified officers with his cell phone.  He followed the vehicle
into Westford and once the man pulled over Off. Caissie was able to approach him and secure the car until on
duty officers could arrive and transport the man to a relative’s home.  Officers report he was confused but
appeared healthy, He told officers he was driving around all night lost and had taken a nap in a parking lot.