Department News

Motor vehicle accidents investigated


2 vehicle crash on Middlesex Rd, (2) injuries transported to Lowell General, vehicles towed

Hit & Run incident on Middlesex Rd @ Bahama Breeze, no injuries or tows – incident being investigated


2 vehicle accident on Westford Road, no injuries, vehicles towed

2 vehicle accident on Lakeview Ave, no injuries, vehicles towed


2 vehicle accident on Middlesex Rd, no injuries or tows

1 vehicle accident on Frost Rd., no injuries, vehicle towed

2 vehicle accident in the Pheasant Lane mall parking lot, no injuries or tows


2 vehicle accident on Kendall Rd, no injuries or tows


2 vehicle accident on Roy Ave., no injuries or tows


* These are accidents that required an investigation by the Police Department because there were injuries and/or over an estimated $1,000 in property damage.