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Officer Rider & K-9 Jagr locate loaded firearm hidden near accident scene

On August 10th Officer Rider & K-9 Jagr were returning from training when they came upon a motor vehicle accident on Rt. 114 in Lawrence.  Officer Rider remained on scene until Lawrence Officers arrived, shortly after a large quantity of marijuana worth close to $100,000 was found in the vehicle by the responding Lawrence officers.  Officer Rider & K-9 Jagr then searched an area near the crash where it was suspected that the suspects had walked to, K-9 Jagr quickly located a loaded firearm hidden in that area.   Two subjects were arrested and charged with trafficking marijuana, illegal possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm & unlawful possession of ammunition.

Great work to the Lawrence officers and to our K-9 team, Officer Rider & Jagr for taking a loaded firearm off the streets.