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Officers’ Donnelly & Sullivan stop woman from jumping from Tyngsborough bridge

On Saturday, 4/24 at 9:24 pm Tyngsborough Police Officers responded to the Tyngsborough bridge for a person reportedly preparing to jump from the bridge. Officer’s Donnelly & Sullivan arrived within 45 seconds of the call and found traffic stopped on the bridge, and a female standing on the North side of the bridge, on the opposite side of the railing, facing the water. The officers immediately physically restrained the female, pulling her away from the edge and lifting her over the railing, at which time she resisted, screaming at the officers that she just wanted to die. The officers were able to restrain her without injury to her or themselves. She was subsequently transported to Lowell General Hospital for evaluation, and a clinician through our Frontline initiative was contacted to respond and follow-up with the woman. Please join me in thanking Officers Donnelly & Sullivan for a job well done, their quick response and professional actions saved this woman’s life. They also applied their training to use the appropriate amount of force necessary to keep this woman and themselves safe. This is yet another example of our departments police officers and dispatchers providing outstanding police service to our community.
Chief Richard Howe