Department News

Patrol and Supervisors Union Fundraiser being conducted

From Deputy Chief Rich Howe;

After receiving some questions and concerns regarding fundraising activity that is occurring on behalf of the Tyngsborough Police Department Unions I am sending this message out to clarify what is occurring.

The fundraising company, TCI, has been hired by the Tyngsborough Police Department supervisors and patrol unions to raise funds. This is the only fundraiser being conducted in relation to the Tyngsborough Police Department. TCI has been strictly advised to identify themselves as raising funds on behalf of the Tyngsborough Police Unions. Tyngsborough Police Officers are not representing this company and are not making fundraising phone calls under any circumstances. The money raised by this fundraiser, as has been conducted annually, are used by the unions to donate to worthy causes, scholarships and hold other events in Tyngsborough which the union pays for.

This fundraiser will end on Friday March 8th. TCI is strictly forbidden to use pressure tactics or represent themselves as police officers.

If anyone in the community has any concerns or questions please contact me so I can address whatever the issue may be. My office number is 978-649-7504 x 101.