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Phone Scams continuing

Phone scams continue to occur with many being reported to the Tyngsborough Police department by residents and businesses.  The scams usually take the form of either a power company or the IRS claiming that you owe money, then asking you to send them the money owed by way of a green dot card.  Other scams are brought on by a promise of you winning a large sum of money and that if you pay a small handling fee they will send you your winnings.  These are obviously scams committed by people with no regard to decency, they are specifically looking to take advantage of those who may be most vulnerable.  Please spread the word, especially those who may not be inclined to pay attention to social media such as the elderly.  One of our officers was able to trace one of the phone calls received by a resident to a phone bank in India, when confronted the person on the other end of the line yelled at the officer then hung up on him; this obviously leaves law enforcement with little that we can do to help the victims once they are victimized.

Never send money in this way, if you are concerned that the phone calls may be legitimate do not send money right away, first contact these companies directly, speak to family members and friends or reach out to the Police Department for advice.

Thank you


Chief Richard Howe