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Update on Power Outage in Town

Town Leaders and Emergency Management Team met Monday morning to discuss the next steps after Tropical Storm Irene.

As of noon Monday, there are approximately 1,000 homes in Tyngsborough without power. In Massachusetts there are still 335,650 residents without power. Outages are isolated pockets around town this includes a large area in the northeast section of Tyngsborough around Frost Rd. and  Lakeview Ave, including the Norris Road school complex.

We are continually updating National Grid with priorities for Tyngsborough. They are working to re-establish power and we will continue to update as more information becomes.

If you are a resident that does not have power at this time, please plan accordingly.

For those with medical needs that need access to power, call the Center Fire Station at 26 Kendall Road- 978-649-7671. If you have an emergency call 9-1-1.

The Tyngsborough Emergency Management Team

For the latest info on the Power Outage in Town  visit The Town of Tyngsborough Town Emergency Page [Click Here]