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Press release; Greater Lowell Tech. temporarily evacuated this morning

Tyngsborough Police and Fire Declare “All-Clear” After Students Faint After Talking About Blood in Biology Class

TYNGSBOROUGH — Police Chief Richard D. Howe and Fire Chief Wes Russell report that the Tyngsborough Police and Fire Departments have declared “all clear” after three students fainted during a biology class at the Greater Lowell Technical School on Friday morning.

An investigation indicated that students were talking about their respective fears of blood when one student fainted and two others followed suit in what is being called a psychosomatic or stress-induced event.

Tyngsborough Police officers and firefighters, along with firefighters and paramedics from the Lowell Fire Department, responded to Greater Lowell Technical School on Pawtucket Boulevard at 9:11 a.m. Friday for a report of multiple students down in a classroom. A larger emergency response was originally requested, but authorities soon determined it was not necessary.

The investigation determined that during biology class, students were discussing genetics, which led to the topic of blood and blood types. A male student, while on his way to get a drink of water, fainted. Subsequently, two additional students, a male and a female, also fainted. Out of an abundance of caution, the school was evacuated.

Emergency Medical Technicians evaluated the three students on scene, who were all conscious. The female student and one male student were transported by ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation, but all three students are believed to be free of any physical injury.

Tyngsborough and Lowell Fire crews evaluated the air quality in the classroom and nearby sections of the school, investigating a number of possible issues. These included a potential chemical release, illness, or environmental factors, but no danger or physical cause for concern was found.

Classes resumed as normal at the school on Friday.