The Law enforcement field over the last 25 years has taken steps to become a recognized profession. The Tyngsborough Police Department has joined that effort, and in doing so has embraced several programs that put us on that path.

One of these programs is “state accreditation”, which means that standards are set for an effective, efficient and professional delivery of the service of law enforcement. These standards are provided for every department within the state of Massachusetts . There are two level of accreditation, state certification and full accreditation. We are currently working towards state certification, and once this goal is reached we will move toward full accreditation. There are many benefits to becoming accredited. It is a recognized set of standards that all law enforcement agencies operate under and it also limits liability.

Bicycle Patrol:

This program is designed to get the officer out of the cruiser and place him/her in an environment where they patrol in a particular area and establish contact with the residents.

Officers assigned to this patrol park their police vehicle in a safe location, remove their bicycle from a rack in the rear of the cruiser, and patrol a specific area. The officer is encouraged to make contact with at least one member of the particular neighborhood. Should an officer receive a call to respond to a location that is not in the immediate area of their patrol, they will return to their cruiser, load the bike, and travel to the call.

This program accomplishes several goals; first, the officer attracts young people living in the area and engages them in conversation; second, it is a method to patrol areas in a manner that would not bring attention to him. If a potential criminal is looking for a marked police cruiser to drive by, the officer on the bicycle has that measure of surprise.

D.A.R.E. Program:

The D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program has been part of a collaborative effort between the Tyngsborough Police Department and the Tyngsborough School District.

This program is taught to children in both the elementary and middle school . The program is funded entirely through monies raised from the DARE Golf Outing held once each year in August.

Good Morning Tyngsborough:

In an effort to meet the needs of Senior citizen in the community, a program called “Good Morning Tyngsborough” has been established.

Senior citizens or persons with disabilities are welcome to participate in the program. An application can be obtained at the police department.

The program consists of a requirement to contact the Tyngsborough Police Department every morning prior to 11:00am. The members will “check-in” with the dispatcher to let us know that everything is okay. If the dispatch center doesn’t receive an answer, an officer is sent to the residence. The officer will attempt to make contact with the member. If contact isn’t made, the officer will obtain a key from a predetermined location and will enter the residence to check on the welfare of the member.

Honor Guard:

The department has a five-member honor guard. These officers attend community activities, funeral for law enforcement officers, parades and other functions upon request.

The honor guard members bring honor and credit to the Police Department and to the community of Tyngsborough. These officers can be seen each year during the Memorial Day Parade.

Vehicle Lock-Outs:

Have you ever locked your keys in your vehicle? Embarrassed? Don’t be, it happens to the best of us. Just give the Police Department a call and we will send an officer to your location to help you unlock your vehicle.

Motorcycle Program:

There is a new addition to the Tyngsborough Police Department fleet. We now have two Road King Harley Davidson Motorcyles on patrol. These motorcyles are funded through a Community Policing Grant, the funding includes training for the officers who are assigned to this new unit. These motorcyles have been leased for one year.

As with any new program we will evaluate the success of the program at the end of the year. The goals of this program is to allow for the officers to have the tools they need for getting through the Town during heavy traffic time to help the citizens when they call for service. To help reduce the use of gasoline, with the price of gasoline going up daily.

The officers will be assigned to enforcing motor vehicle activity, also they will be patrolling the town’s neighborhoods if you should see them stop and say “hello”, the officers are looking forward to talking to you.