Department News

Residential Break & Entering Arrest

On July 16, 2012 Paul Plouffe, 28 years old of Tyngsborough, was arrested at his residence on Mascuppic Trail by Tyngsborough Detectives and uniformed officers.  This arrest was the result of an investigation into a break and entering into another residence on Mascuppic trail in which property was stolen.  Mr. Plouffe was held last night without bail and will be arraigned on Tuesday morning at Lowell District Court, he is being charged with B&E daytime for felony, destruction of property over $250 and larceny under $250.

On July 18, 2012, a result of further investigation, the Tyngsborough Police Department has also charged Donald Plouffe, 57 yrs. old of Tyngsborough, with receiving stolen property under $250, accessory before the fact to wit break and entering in the daytime and conspiracy.

Investigation continuing.


Released by;  Lt. Richard Howe