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Scam fundraiser; group claiming to represent the Tyngsborough Booster Club

Residents should be aware of a recent scam involving the following by a group claiming to represent the Tyngsborough Booster Club, the following is what these people have been doing, residents in town have already been contacted;
Residents are contacted by a group representing the Tyngsborough Boosters Club, who claim to be raising money for a yearbook for the Hockey Program.  Residents are asked to donate between $25 – $50 and leave the money in an envelope outside their residence.  The caller leaves a telephone number with the resident, but it is a private number that is never answered
THIS IS A SCAM!  There is no current fundraiser by the Tyngsboro Public Schools that are using telemarketers to solicit funds.  Residents should confirm any potential fundraising by contacting the school or the police department.