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Several schools, including Tyngsborough, received robo bomb threat calls today

Message from Tyngsborough Public Schools;

Good morning,
Please be advised that Tyngsborough High School received an automated bomb threat phone call this morning at approximately 7:30 a.m.. THS is one of several schools in the area to receive this call within the past week. The Tyngsborough Fire Department and Police Department were immediately notified and responded.
The THS administration conducted a threat assessment as outlined by the Massachusetts Bomb Threat Response Guide. Though we deemed it to be a non credible / non specific threat which we would not evacuate for, we decided to move up our spring evacuation drill from THS to TMS. THS staff performed a sweep of the building and nothing was found. Students and staff reported to the middle school for approximately twenty minutes before being brought back to THS to resume class.
Please know that student safety is our top priority and we take any threat seriously. Thank you to the students and staff of both the middle school and high school for their cooperation and flexibility.  We also would like to thank the TFD and TPD for their support and professionalism.
Michael Flanagan, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent
Tyngsborough Public Schools