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Telephone scam

We want to make the community aware of telephone fraud activity that has been occurring for some time, we have sent this warning out before and are asking everyone to spread the word again.   We just had another victim in the last few days in Tyngsborough of this type of fraud; The way it works is that you will receive a phone call announcing that you have won a large amount of money, then you are told that in order to receive the prize you need to send a bank check to a specified address.  The Tyngsborough resident who was scammed was told that they had won $500,000 and that they only needed a $399 check to process the prize.  After he sent them the $399 money pac card they asked him to purchase two more cards both for the amount of $500.  He then called the Police Department.

This type of scam has been occurring for a long period of time, it is referred to as the NIGERIAN scam as it is known to originate from that Republic.  They seem to target our senior citizens the majority of the time.  NEVER send money over the mail in return for an alleged cash prize, please first contact the Police Department, speak to family members or friends prior to sending any money.

Please notify your family members, friends and especially our senior citizens who may not be on social media, of this scam.


Released by; Chief Richard Howe