Department News

Traffic lights at bridge / timing adjusted

Good afternoon,

We share the concerns of the community regarding the delays at the Tyngsborough bridge during the morning commute, and have been communicating continuously with the Department of Transportation on adjustments for the timing of the lights to accurately reflect the increased traffic flow during morning rush hour.  Approximately 70% of the traffic flow during the morning commute at the bridge comes from the East side travelling West across the bridge.  The timing of the lights has now been changed by the DOT to reflect that percentage.  Although there is no perfect option, and yes there will be some additional traffic at the other intersections on the West side, we are hopeful that this latest adjustment will strike the balance in traffic flow that we are looking for.  We will continue to monitor this and will ask for any additional changes necessary to provide the best traffic flow we can.  Please feel free to contact me or Deputy Shaun Woods directly with any concerns, as that is the quickest way to have any issues addressed with the DOT.  

Thank you,

Chief Howe