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Traffic stop safety

A common question and concern from the public often concerns what to do when stopped by the Police for a traffic infraction.  Below are some basic procedures that should always be taken to ensure a safe stop for the citizen and police officer.  Some of the information below has been provided by a Tyngsborough resident which we thought is very helpful.  The goal here is to create a sense of ease in an already tense or stressful situation.  When stopped for a traffic infraction you should;

  • Pull to the side of the road as soon as possible safely, do not stop in the middle of an intersection though
  • Lower the window in order to communicate with the police officer (you do not need to roll it down all the way)
  • Put your vehicle in park or turn the car off
  • Keep drivers license and proof of registration easily accessible
  • If there is a firearm in the vehicle let the officer know right away, keep your license to carry with you and easily accessible
  • Keep your hands visible at all times