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Trick or treat changed to Saturday Nov. 4th 5-7pm

Trick or Treating is changed from Sunday to Saturday, November 4th 5-7 pm.

We want to thank all those in the community who provided us constructive feedback, to those who left sarcastic comments on social media and those that expressed genuine concerns I want to make clear that the decision to move Trick or treat to Sunday was made with the best intentions, safety.  There is significantly less traffic on Sunday, and yes it was still a school night as was the original trick or treat date.  Numerous parents communicated with me that they did not want Friday as an option as many would be still trying to get home from work and there is significant traffic, I agree.  Sunday was the optimal day as there is less traffic and we could be sure that the debris caused by the storm on Sunday and Monday would be cleared.

Based on the high probability of heavy rain on Sunday evening and the progress made by National Grid over the last two days to restore power and clear downed trees and power lines I am moving trick or treat to what I hope will be a time that works for most people.

Happy trick or treating and be safe!

Chief Rich Howe