Department News

Trump Event

I want to thank all members of the Tyngsborough Police Department who took part in the preparation and implementation of the Trump event on Friday, your professionalism and skill were noticed, you were an essential part of creating a safe event.  I also want to thank the various Police Departments, who assisted us through mutual aid, including NEMLEC (Northeast Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council), the resources and personnel they supplied were significant and were also essential in creating a safe event for all.  In addition, I want to thank the Tyngsborough public school administration for their work in coordinating the event with the Police Department as well as the Tyngsborough Fire & Highway Department for all they did in ensuring the event went smoothly.

Finally, I want to thank all the people who came to the event (including protesters) who were law abiding and respectful, quite often these type of events result in clashes between people of varying political beliefs, other than a few minor issues, this was not the case at our event.


Chief Richard Howe