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Tyngsborough Bridge project paving schedule

The final road paving for the Tyngsborough Bridge project will be started on Thursday June 6th barring inclement weather.  The paving will be done from 7pm to 5am (Thursday into Friday), the nighttime paving time will alleviate any major traffic impact however motorists are asked to avoid driving in the area of the Tyngsborough bridge if at all possible on this date between 7pm – 5am as there will be delays.  Both the East and West side of the bridge will be paved.  A second night of paving will be necessary to complete the paving, it is tentatively scheduled for this Friday night June 7th starting at 11pm through 7am Saturday morning, contingent on the weather.  We will update the community throughout the week as the schedule is subject to change based on weather conditions.

At the towns request Mass Highway has installed traffic advisory message boards to inform the public of what is occurring with the project.

Released by; Acting Chief Richard Howe