Department News

Yellow Dot Program

On Tuesday December 3rd at 11am we will be rolling out the Yellow Dot Program at the senior center.  This program is an initiative between Tyngsborough Elderly Services, Tyngsborough Police & Fire Department.  A file of life card, similar to what many senior have in their home, will be placed in the glovebox of the vehicle, a yellow sticker on the rear window will let emergency personnel know to look in the glove box for this file.  The file will contain important medical information that will assist emergency personnel on scene.

Although this program is focused toward seniors, everyone is welcome to join the program.  The program is free and after the initial roll out residents will be able to sign up at the senior center, Police Department or Fire Department.  If you know of anyone who would benefit from this program please pass the word along to have them come to the Senior center on Lakeview Ave. tomorrow at 11am to sign up.

Thank you